"Housing First ends homelessness. It's that simple."

-Dr. Sam Tsemberis,
CEO & Founder, Pathways to Housing


Our Mission

Pathways Vermont's mission is to transform the lives of people experiencing mental health and other life challenges by supporting self directed roads to recovery and wellness in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, choice and hope.

We advocate for the rights of people to live without stigma and discrimination and promote civil rights, community integration, health care, affordable housing and employment for all.

What We Do

Housing First: Our Housing First projects work collaboratively with state and local agencies to place people experiencing chronic homelessness into permanent, independent housing. Our support teams offer a range of services to assist people to reintegrate into their home communities and to sustain housing.

Mental Health Transformation: Our Mental Health Transformation projects are dedicated to bringing an individual's voice and choice to the range of mental health services through-out the state. Current projects include: The Wellness Co-op (a peer-run community center in Chittenden County), the Soteria Vermont Development Project, and the Vermont Support Line.

Pathways in Vermont

Pathways Vermont has taken on the unique challenge of bringing the Housing First model to a rural setting, for the first time. The task of providing services throughout Vermont faces many obstacles, such as limited public transit options and harsh winters.

We are tackling these obstacles by utilizing video conferencing and other mobile technology to communicate with Pathways' tenants in different areas of the state. With the support of the local communities, we believe we can meet the unique needs of our tenants and end chronic homelessness in Vermont.